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Why Choose Coaching?

Feeling Stuck? Elevate Your Leadership.

  • Career Crossroads? Land that promotion or transition to a new company.

  • Executive Presence Need a Polish? Command the room with confidence.

  • Teamwork Stalling? Foster collaboration that drives results.

  • Communication a Challenge? Become a clear and impactful communicator.

  • Retention Issues? Create a thriving team environment.

  • Boss or Colleague Conflicts? Manage relationships effectively.

  • Ideas Going Unheard? Gain the visibility you deserve.


Leaders often lack a complete view and can't always confide in their team.


Solution: External Coaching.


Just like elite athletes have coaches, we help you refine your leadership skills and unlock your full potential.

Who Can Benefit? 

Leadership at all levels.


From C-Suite executives to new managers, we help leaders of all experience levels maximize their impact on their teams and organizations.

  • Sharpen people skills.

  • Master emotional intelligence.

  • Lead through change and feedback.

  • Develop confident leadership.


Unlock promotions, raise your salary, and land new opportunities.

What Will You Achieve?

Through personalized one-on-one sessions with Wendy Chase, certified executive coach, you'll enhance self-awareness, receive valuable feedback, clarify values, set goals, establish supportive relationships, and acquire new skills.


As a confidential sounding board and thought partner, Wendy will guide you through a science-based assessment, vision creation, and clarifying values and strengths.


You'll learn to adapt your communication style, develop new skills to differentiate yourself, and create an actionable leadership dashboard.


So, what is that promotion worth to you? 

What is the Coaching Process?

Executive coaching is a powerful partnership between a leader, their organization, and a coach.


You'll work together to set specific goals, whether boosting communication, tackling strategic challenges, or simply growing your impact.

The coaching journey is tailored to your needs.


While six months is typical, the ideal timeframe depends on your goal. It's all about building trust, getting feedback, implementing changes, and seeing real results.

Why 6 Months?

  • It takes time to learn new things. The brain needs repeated practice to make lasting changes.

  • Building new habits takes effort. 6 months allows you to solidify positive changes in your leadership style.


This aligns with science. Behavior change experts agree that lasting changes take time.

What Does the Package Include?

  • Unlimited email and 10-minute phone support: Get quick answers and guidance between sessions.

  • Personalized coaching sessions: We meet by phone or video at your convenience.

  • Clear goal plan: We work together to set goals and track progress.

  • 6 months of coaching: 13 sessions (1 discovery + 2 per month)

  • Science-based assessment: Identify strengths and areas for growth to improve performance.

  • Progress reviews: Track your development over time.

  • Flexible session lengths: Your time matters, so sessions can go over without extra fees.


We focus on what matters most: Your needs, progress, and success!

Ready to Unlock Your Potential?


Contact us for pricing.


We work with private paying clients as well as corporate clients.


We partner with your talent development or HR (People) department for corporate clients to support coaching on-site or with multiple executives or high-potential candidates.

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