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Why Choose Coaching?

As a leader you never have the total real picture of your team and organization. The feedback you receive is always filtered; confiding in subordinates about your challenges has its perils, yet you need to evaluate your effectiveness as a leader. Like top athletes enlist coaches to enhance their performance, a professional coach can similarly impact your professional capabilities.

Who Can Benefit? 

Whether you're a seasoned executive in the C-Suite or a new manager, your expertise contributes significantly to your team and organization. Imagine the transformative impact of elevating your people skills, emotional intelligence, and mastering change, feedback, and confident leadership. Developing your leadership capacity is the key to achieving promotions, salary increases, new positions, and greater responsibilities.

What Will You Achieve?

Through personalized one-on-one sessions with your certified executive coach, you'll enhance self-awareness, receive valuable feedback, clarify values, set goals, establish supportive relationships, and acquire new skills. Your coach, acting as a confidential sounding board and thought partner, will guide you through a science-based leadership assessment, vision creation, and the clarification of values and strengths. You'll learn to adapt your communication style, develop new skills to differentiate yourself and create a leadership dashboard.

What is the Coaching Process?

The executive and organization often contract with a professional coach with specific requirements or goals in mind. The process is defined through mutual agreement. A six-month engagement is typical for executive coaching as this allows enough time to build trust in the relationship, gather feedback, make changes and evaluate the results. However, the needs and desires of the executive and the organization will dictate the approach to the engagement.

Why 6 Months?

The six-month duration is rooted in science, considering neuroplasticity—the brain's ability to reorganize itself—affecting learning and behavior change. This timeframe allows for repeated experiences, fostering neurological adaptations crucial for lasting change. Recognizing that sustainable change requires time for new habits to take hold aligns with behavior change theories like the stages of change model, acknowledging distinct phases in adopting new behaviors.

What Does the Package Include?

All packages include reasonable extra support between scheduled coaching sessions via emails and 10-minute phone calls.

  • Customized one-to-one phone/video meetings.

  • Well-defined and personalized goal plan.

  • 6 months of coaching with 13 x 60-minute coaching sessions (1 discovery session and 2 coaching sessions per month).

  • An individualized assessment process that offers a science-based advantage for leaders. It measures workplace behaviors against an award-winning model of emotional intelligence to boost performance and culture.

  • Review of initial and progress assessment results.

Our coaching sessions are designed to accommodate your needs, and if they extend beyond the scheduled hour, there's no extra charge because your time and progress are our top priorities!

Interested in learning more?


Contact us for pricing.


We work with organization’s talent development or HR (People) department to support coaching on-site or with multiple executives or high-potential candidates.

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